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 [PC]Bloodgulch - Retextured[TM]

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PostSubject: [PC]Bloodgulch - Retextured[TM]   Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:56 pm

Bloodgulch [TM Retextured - ReV]
- Project Bloodlust -

Quote :

The following are download links for the official Twisted Mindz Bloodgulch Mod done by ReV. The links vary for the different versions and it is recommended that you choose the newest version to the mod for better game experience. This mod works with both PC and MAC

Quote :
Installation & More

For information on how to install this mod you can visit the following link -> Installation Help
For other Official Twisted Mindz Mods you can visit the following link -> Official Twisted Mindz Mods

Quote :
Download Links

+ Update 1.0 - ?9ffgm2m1183ftbt +

+ Update 2.0 - ?umucc1buuce1c6d +

+ Update 3.0 - ?yo2adh1k5ohsj23 +
== Updates included ==
1. Retextured Warthog
2. Lights at the side of the ghost
3. Retextured Banshee Skin.
4. Brighter Plasma Lights for Ghost and Banshee Bolts as well as for the Fuel Rod of the banshee
5. New Purple Plasma Grenade Explosion.
6. New Red Camo Pistol Skin.
7. New colours for the camouflage and the overshield.

+ Update 4.0 - ?l5yt11nhmsru7lw +
== Updates included ==
1. Final Build
2. Retextured Warthog (returned to original state basically)
3. Some other minor textures (eg.sniper)
4. 3RD Person Passenger Seat in warthog
Note You must aim above your targets while in the passenger seat with 3RD Person View to hit your desired target

+ Update 4.1 - ?yq311waqhh2ld8u +
== Updates included ==
1. Final Build Update 1a
2. Dynamic Blood (with retextured blood)
3. Misc. change to HUD messages (ex. welcome -> joined, quit ->left ...etc. )
4. Small change to the cliff texture surround the map

:More Pictures:

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[PC]Bloodgulch - Retextured[TM]
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